NYC Candidates File Disclosure Statements for the 2019 Elections


As of 5:00 PM this evening, candidates listed below had filed required campaign finance disclosure reports for the 2019 election cycle. All submissions received will be reflected in the Follow the Money database and the Campaign Finance Summary on the NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) website. 

The reports filed by today's deadline disclose each candidate's financial data from August 27 to September 30, 2019. Candidates are required to file disclosures prior to midnight, October 4, 2019. Filings received after 5pm today will be published to the CFB website on Monday, October 7.

2019 General Election Candidates
(Data for period from August 27 to September 30, 2019)



Net Contributions

Net Expenditures

Devin W. Balkind Public Advocate $975 $852
Joseph C Borelli Public Advocate $7,200 $1,735
Jumaane D Williams Public Advocate $27,120 $47,949
Anthony Beckford Council District 45 $90 $0
Monique R Chandler-Waterman Council District 45 $0 $585
David E Fite Council District 45 $30 $0
Farah N Louis Council District 45 $4,875 $9,233

Independent expenditures were also required to be disclosed. The following spenders have reported activity in the 2019 primary/general election cycle:

Independent Spender

Committee for Ranked Choice Voting NYC
Edward E Klein
Empire State 32BJ SEIU PAC